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Hobby Hunt Journal - Bestie Bundle!

Hobby Hunt Journal - Bestie Bundle!

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What's better than one Hobby Hunt Journal? Two! Grab a copy for yourself AND your best friend at a discounted rate!

Discover your true self through the captivating journey of hobbies with the "Hobby Hunt Journal." This unique journal comprises three distinct sections. 

Pre-Hunt: Assess your current life position and values, create a hobby bucket list, and define your goals. 

The Hobby Hunt: Set intentions, explore various hobbies, record your experiences, and uncover hidden truths. 

Post-Hunt: Reflect on your journey, assess your new life position and measure personal growth. 

Featuring curated hobby ideas, guided self-assessment, and dedicated spaces to capture each experience, this journal is your companion to self-discovery.

Whether it's painting, photography, cooking, gardening, or something entirely unique, this journal encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the joy of discovering new passions. Begin your transformative journey today.
Size: approx. 155 x 220 x 25mm
Pages: 222 pages (120GSM)
Hardcover Journal 
Ribbon Bookmark (not pictured)
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